Meredith Harbord and Catherine Emery. International education consulting and professional development services.
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Thinkeredu: Professional Development Services
for International Schools

Introducing Thinkeredu. We offer professional development workshops and consulting, at your location. We are happy to customize sessions to suit your unique needs.


Middle Years Interdisciplinary Unit Planning for Teachers/Teams (1-3 day)

Focusing on middle years, this hands-on workshop leads teachers through developing units that cross at least two subjects. Curricular directions may include global connectedness, ethics, design thinking, sustainability, and innovative ideas. Teachers will develop unit objectives, content and assessment for at least one interdisciplinary unit.

  • Combine summative and formative tasks from subjects into an interdisciplinary format
  • Align and write rubrics for the unit tasks
  • Interdisciplinary unit plan examples

Ethical Dilemma Workshop (1-2 day)

This collaborative program can be tailored to meet the needs of students, teachers, administrators, school boards and parents at your international school.

  • Develop personal, professional and school ethics and aligning to school guiding principles (particularly useful for accreditation process)
  • Employ problem-solving strategies and critical thinking, to inspire principled global citizens
  • Consider the ways of knowing to demystify and investigate ethical dilemmas

MakerSpace Consulting

We can help you design your MakerSpace or STEM Lab, based on your school's unique goals and resources. We also provide on-going, hands-on professional development in using your lab to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills, with a focus on interdisciplinary projects-based activities.


Meredith Harbord
EdD Educational Leadership

With over 17 years international teaching and curriculum development experience, Meredith specializes in the ethics of design and using real-life ethical dilemmas as a basis for interdisciplinary learning.

Catherine Emery
MA Educational Technology

Focusing on integrating technology in authentic and innovative ways, Catherine brings her experience in international education, maker technologies and diverse creative background to staff development and consultation.

We believe that ongoing practical and collaborative staff development is integral to a vibrant educational environment. We are happy to design a bespoke program to meet your school focus areas. Please contact us for more information.